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May. 1st, 2016 06:28 pm
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036 ↔ re-arrival in ryslig. vandare beach wake-up and then the devil's nest.
037 ↔ re-arrival, beach scene. stopped by titus to inquire about what's going on. he probably won't like the answer garrett has for him.
038 ↔ glass witch event. greed's memories of his first death.
039 ↔ glass witch event. stocke's memories of a little girl's pointless sacrifice.
040 ↔ glass witch event. kaito's memories of old, really horrible heists that went bad. very bad.
041 ↔ network. < magickaito > code breaking and discussion.
042 ↔ foggy transformations and hunting the hunters of vandare.
043 ↔ foggy transformations, a wendigo dies and awakes. hunters on the pursuit.
044 ↔ network < shovelguy > nymph nightmares.
045 ↔ personal inbox. < dragontrainer > hiccup freaking out over what happened in kulen. he's been infected with an insect!
046 ↔ two thieves walked onto a rooftop... and then a spyassin joined them.
047 ↔ personal inbox. < avaricious > greed calls on garrett's skills.
048 ↔ saving that human from dinner was probably a very bad idea.
049 ↔ personal inbox < moirae > stocke apologizes for the attack.
050 ↔ tanabata. festivals were not really his thing but an invitation was an... intriguing way to get him to come anyway.
051 ↔ tanabata. random trolling. because why not.
052 ↔ tanabata. ways in which to not avoid clingy harpies.
053 ↔ network. < Kaburiel > arachne changes, etc.
054 ↔ network. < whitemamba > asks for ingredients. informs him arachnes don't like water.
055 ↔ personal inbox. < moirae > stocke has an interesting challenge for the sneak thief.
056 ↔ katsuie taking down homemade posters from the docks in vandare. look, it required a wry comment okay.
057 ↔ dawn making stone statues. one of greed near the devil's nest.
058 ↔ network. < crimson > how long been here.
059 ↔ personal inbox. < VVVnyaVVV > titus asks for garrett's help tracking someone down.

060 ↔ memorial event. stocke has a ghostly problem.
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Normal Form Appearance:

Scoprion-like appearance.
→Two pairs of extra appendages grow out of his back. These limbs resemble long, slender harvetman-like scorpion legs with exaggerated tarsal claws (two at the end of the leg and one at the opposite end of the last segment).
→One pair of scorpion pedipalps (including pincer-claws) grow out of his shoulder area.
→A metsoma (scorpion tail) grows out from the bottom of his spine (so basically just above his buttocks).
→All extra appendages have a black chitinous exoskeleton.

Eight eyes.
→One pair of normal human eyes with no change.
→Three pairs of (lateral) scorpion eyes. As in the case of a true scorpion these extra eyes are mostly sensitive to light and movement. Meaning they see poorly, without color, and have bad spatial discrimination but have a high sensitivity to movement even in very dark places.
→Just as his human right eye glows an odd green color so do the right set of lateral scorpion eyes; and likewise his left eyes are all dark brown, nearly black in coloration.

Long fangs.
→Include venom. Only one type: a scorpion's deadly neurotoxin for hunting. (Paralyzes and kills human prey within minutes.)

Sharp claws.
→His hands turn into black chitinous exoskeleton. Though they retain the dexterousness of his original hands they match the rest of his scorpion bits now with clearly defined segments and spiky protrusions at each section. Chitin goes up his forearms.
→Additionally, his feet take on the appearance of a human-scorpion hybrid with tarsal claws for toes, black exoskeleton, etc. Chitin goes up his shins.

Black skin coloration to match scorpion-like features.
→This comes in the form of soft chitin. (Aka: the same material as his exoskeleton parts.)
→No armor bonus is provided. Scorpions are easy to squash and this one is easy to crush, cut, and bruise as any other...well, monster at least.
→Affected areas include: shoulders, back, hands and forearms, shins and feet, and, much to his chagrin, most of his rear. (Areas not affected are his upper legs, upper arms, chest, neck, head, abdomen, and crotch.)
→Various places include spiky protrusions from his exoskeleton, including the shoulders, a matching set on his back along the top of his shoulder blades, the area to the top of his forearms (near his elbows), and the area at the top of his shins (near the knees).

Additional Abilities and Weaknesses:

Ability to weave silk-like web.
→As stated on the tin.

Ability to sense nearby movement via vibrations.
→As stated on the tin.

Immunity to poison, including their own.
→As stated...

Enhanced speed.
→As stated...

Excellent night vision.
→As stated...

Ability to cling to walls and ceilings...
→...without falling, as stated on the tin.

Weakness to water.
→As stated on the tin.

The need to feed on humans.
→Garrett's new instincts reflect a hunting scorpion's type of bold predatory instincts rather than the sit around and wait type. Typically he hunts down his prey rather than waiting within a preset trap (though he can technically do so with his webs he doesn't particularly care for it). He does, however, almost always use his venom for quickness and precision of the kill. He doesn't like to cause suffering... he doesn't like to kill at all.

chibi arachne by Stocke
hanging out by Stocke
detailed reference by UsagiSquared
colored reference by UsagiSquared
wall-clinging by Crimsyn
lurking by Buttadventure

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001 ↔ introduction to ryslig
002 ↔ the devil's nest. where else to find a fence than a seedy bar?
003 ↔ first team meeting for the aggressively neutrals.
004 ↔ first monster changes. during the fog. claws, fangs, and venom.
005 ↔ vandare rooftops. not always safe. neku the manticore hunts garrett during the fog.
006 ↔ pitchforks. rooftop savior hiding. road to rota. reluctant tag-along.
007 ↔ pitchforks. garrett helps stocke fend off angry rotans/humans.
008 ↔ pitchforks. annoyingly helping out a gargoyle. sort of. killua.
009 ↔ pitchforks. not so helpful advice apparently. yuzu.
010 ↔ fire. escaping the chaos of rota in flames.
011 ↔ returning to vandare. second monster changes. black scorpion "skin", additional eyes, and night vision.
012 ↔ exit party. find a body. keep watch over it? oh, it's bard. kindness for a kindness.
013 ↔ a monterious twist/truth event. stocke gets a new look.
014 ↔ network. < tsukibakari > a thief's challenge.
015 ↔ more monster changes. additional exoskeleton, scorpion tail. hunger. first death and feeding. emotional consequences thereafter.
016 ↔ 4th wall event. casual thievery. ling yao.
017 ↔ 4th wall event. a familiar figure. erin.
018 ↔ network. < dragontrainer > one year anniversary, that sucks.
019 ↔ strangers waiting--no, wait, wrong canon. strangers meeting in a dark alley. awkward shenanigans. alastor.
020 ↔ visiting Viking homestead. ragnar.
021 ↔ a street to nowhere.
022 ↔ a street to nowhere. exploration. katsuya.
023 ↔ a street to nowhere. a harpy to the rescue. mami tomoe.
024 ↔ network. < heavenstrings > what do you miss about being human?
025 ↔ personal inbox. a zoo heist? umm.
026 ↔ practicing with new limbs. athelstan.
027 ↔ mountain climb with hiccup. this will probably be a disaster of one sort or another.
028 ↔ network. < ainu > extra limb advice.
029 ↔ network. < neutrality > staying neutral against the gods.
030 ↔ all hallows. the call, changes, aftermath.
031 ↔ all hallows. the aftermath, briefly in bavan, enjolras.
032 ↔ all hallows. network entry. a shady question.
033 ↔ network. < rockskull > over the mountains is a bad idea.
034 ↔ mountain expedition meet and greet.
035 ↔ catch-all for november. fun as a shade.
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Week 18, Day 01 [Log, Open] ↔ unfriendly welcome to the city right here
Week 18, Day 01 [Log, Elsa] ↔ he had never intended to play hero but...
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MUN: [personal profile] aisuyoukai
AIM: goldxlll
CHARA E-MAIL: garrett@compass.net

Alternately, simply PM this journal or comment here. Email notifs for either tend to ping me fairly fast if I'm around, and I'm around a lot.
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first.last@compass.net (3) (no subject) D12 3:19PM
first.last@compass.net (6) Re: Mission D11 8:01PM
first.last@compass.net (12) [text] D10 9:35AM

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character info.
NAME. Garrett
DOB&AGE. ???
APPEARANCE. The Master Thief
ARRIVAL. In Game Date: Week 18, Day 01

POSSESSIONS. Quiver of arrows, a climbing claw mechanism, a grappling hook with rope attached to his armor (this may actually be the claw but if so man he's quick 'cause wtf that one cutscene... idk, it's unclear), a wirecutter, a wrench, a razor (it's a scalpel), a small prybar, some various knicknacks (at least one pair of golden scissors because for some reason they really like golden scissors in The City), some gold pieces, and of course his leather outfit/armor.
WEAPONS. Blackjack. Composite bow.
GOALS. ???
TRIGGERS. None really.
FOURTH-WALLING. I'm currently on the fence about this so just ask ahead of time and we'll see. It's probably okay but let me know ahead of time.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Garrett doesn't allow people to touch him. He won't hurt anyone over it but he will quickly move away. So go for it! But be aware that will be his default reaction.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. lmao. Garrett doesn't do emotions, sorry.
INJURE/KILL. Injury acceptable. No permanently maiming of limbs please. Death can be discussed if appropriate for the circumstances.
DEVICE HACKING. Yes. Let me know ahead of time but Garrett doesn't know anything about the device so it's easily done. I'd just like a heads-up if it comes into play.
THREADJACKING. Sure. Check with the other player if applicable. Be mindful of any possible encryption on network posts and whether log threads are obviously private or not. Otherwise go ahead.


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